“Brilliancy, Speed, Lightness, Glory”

A mantra taken from Bruce Sterling’s The Caryatids, a dystopic novel about recovering from the climate crisis. To me, this represents everything I strive for as a developer.


Wit, lateral thinking, and epiphanies. The ability to solve an intractable problem with an ingenious solution


Not just working quickly, but being able to break work down into iterable tasks. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast


Iteration, modular architecture, and legible code. If you can work on a project and hand it to another developer without them wanting to stab you, you’re doing it right


The transcendent quality that separates the good from the amazing, the little touches that change the way we think about UIs, and the reason we describe some products as “magical and revolutionary”


  • Design & User Experience

    • Responsive Design
    • Optimistic UI
    • Information Architecture
    • Data Visualization
    • A11y & WCAG Accessibility
    • Tutorial Design
    • CLI Tooling UX
  • Development

    • Vue
    • React
    • Svelte
    • Sass
    • CSS-In-JS
    • Node.js
    • Node CLI Tooling
    • Apollo
    • Dgraph
    • Neo4J
    • Graph Databases
    • Redis
    • Prosemirror
    • Test-Driven Development
  • Software Architecture

    • ReST API Design
    • GraphQL API Design
    • SPA Architecture
    • Static Site Generators
    • CI/CD Workflows
    • Open Source Library Management
    • Modular CMS Design
    • Graph Data Modeling
    • Data Migration & Tooling
  • Product Management

    • Agile Development
    • SCRUM
    • Kanban
    • Design Sprints
    • Product Roadmapping
    • GTM Strategy
    • Technical Documentation
    • UAT Best Practices


Principle Software Engineer Newsela

New York, NY · December 2018 – Present

Lead architect of Alexandria, Newsela's content management system. I built and mentored a team of engineers, designers, and product managers and led cross-departmental initiatives with direct business impact.

Senior Web Developer New York Magazine

New York, NY · June 2014 – December 2018

Lead architect of Clay, New York Magazine's content management system. I built and managed open-source libraries with multiple internal and external corporate stakeholders, and I assisted in launching five brand verticals and numerous popup blogs.